DAA Practical Shooting iPhone Apps

The activity of practical shooting is well-known for its willingness to embrace the latest technologies in order to improve the sport. One area where the IPSC has been quick to embrace emerging technology is its range of iPhone apps. These smartphone applications have a range of uses and have been designed to assist shooters when running events and carrying out effective training sessions. Here is our roundup of some of the most popular Double-Alpha Academy apps for iOS devices.

IPSCore – IPSC / USPSA Scoring Application

If you ever need to setup a scoring system when out and about, the IPSCore app for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad is a great choice. There are many useful and inventive features packed into this app to ensure it will appeal to practical shooting participants around the world.

The custom scoring systems you can create with this iOS app can easily include stages and matches if necessary. These can be put to good use and allow you to score the individual shooters taking part in your events, especially when used with MR BulletFeeder . The IPSCore smartphone application also makes it easy to remove shooters or just deactivate them for the current round.

When it comes to reviewing the results as they are unfolding or once the session is complete, there are again many options to consider. The scores can be viewed according to division, as well as on a list of shooters, giving you a few options you can also look at various websites to see if you qualify for any tax rebates for your purchases.

A nice feature of this app is the ability to email all the results to a recipient of your choice, simply by entering their email address and hitting the send button. This makes it great for disseminating the results amongst entrants and competitors, as well as any governing adjudicators like https://www.gov.uk/tax-relief-for-employees/uniforms-work-clothing-and-tools

If you want a feature packed app to assist your competition and practice scoring then IPSCore is a great choice. These work well with a Shot Timer

Perfect Practice

This iOS app is listed as being compatible with the iPhone and the iPod, so iPad users might want to look elsewhere for a practical shooting application. For those with a compatible device though, they will receive a useful companion that makes for varied practice precision shooting sessions.

The Prefect Practice app currently contains over 60 practice drills, giving you plenty of options for carrying out an effective training session. To make navigating the growing number of practice drills easier and more convenient, they have been divided and grouped into different topics to make finding the right option for your session much less time consuming.

The practice drills include all the information you need to setup and complete the session. This information includes tips relevant to the drill, as well as advice on improving your performance. There is even the option to select a drill at random simply by shaking the device you are accessing this app on.

If you want to give your practice sessions more variety as well as ensuring they are conducted correctly then this app is just what you are looking for.

As you can see, these two apps can be of real benefit for those involved in practical shooting. There are also a few more apps available for the sport so it’s well worth checking out the app store for more options, also one App comes free with every purchase of a Pistol Range Bag.

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